Administration and Organisation structure

The Additional Chief Secretary / Principal Secretary is the head of CTFM.  The Administrative Headis the Director.  The Director is supported by a Joint Director followed by the Deputy Director.  The basic unit is enriched

with Course Co-ordinators, Public Relations Officer and the Campus Officer.  There is a part-time sweeper and a driver-cum-Office attendant as supporting staff.

The following Officers worked in various rolesduring various periods in this institute

  • Lakshmi Rani, Additional Secretary
  • Nagappan Nayar, Joint Secretary
  • P S Pradeep, Joint Secretary
  • S Sreekumar, Joint Secretary
  • Jai Mary John, Additional Secretary (Director)
  • Mini V R, Joint Secretary (Director)
  • A Shibu, Joint Secretary
  • P Anil Prasad, Joint Secretary (Academic Advisor)
  • A Salam, Deputy Secretary
  • Sureshkumar O B, Under Secretary (Joint Director)
  • Gopakumar V S, Accounts Officer (Deputy Director)
  • Sudheesh T S, Course Co-ordinator
  • Kiran V S, Course Co-ordinator
  • Shiju P Kumar, Course Co-ordinator
  • Ajithlal, Course Co-ordinator
  • Binukumar R G, Course Co-ordinator
  • Renjini L R, Course Co-ordinator
  • Krishnan C N, Course Co-ordinator
  • Ajithkumar G S, Course Co-ordinator
  • B Anilkumar, Computer Assistant
  • Prathibha V S, Public Relations Officer
  • Sri. Jayesh V Nair, Campus Officer
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