Financial Management

Special course on Financial Management lasting six days was initially designed for Department of Medical Education and now extended to all departments who opts for this. This includetwelve sessions spread on six days which will give an overall idea about the Kerala Service Rules, Treasury Code, Financial Code, Government Accounting procedure, Procurement procedures, internal audit and e-Governance initiatives of the Government.

Information Technology

I T Training Programmes
Sl. No. Course Name Course Code
33 Training on computer operations and computer assisted data collection and analysis – Module 1 INHITREG001/1
34 SPARK for users have permission only to view details and submit annual property statements INHITREG002
35 Training on computer operations and computer assisted data collection and analysis – Module 2 INHITREG001/2
36 IDEAS – Introductory Training INHITREG003
37 SPARK introductory training for Salary Module (DDO) Users INHITREG004
38 SPARK introductory training for Establishment Module Users INHITREG005
39 SPARK for SDO Users INHITREG006
40 IT Programmes for Typists, CA and others INHITREG007
41 Introduction to IT Auditing INHITREG008
42 Training programme covering the various e-Governance initiatives of the State Government meant for employees in the rank of Assistants.

Project Management

Project Management course was designed for Public Works Department for computer aided Project Management. This has been developed as a complete course right from the conceptualization of projects, the complete project cycle upto evaluation, computer aided project management etc.

Infrastructure Finance

Financial Management and Project Management are professional disciplines which require knowledge and specific set of skills and competencies. Today the economic scenario is rapidly becoming more complex than ever before. Major shifts in technology, business and economic environment presents ample opportunities and many challenges. In this globalised era, it has become imperative for all employees to upgrade their knowledge & skills on a regular basis to attain higher organizational as well as personal goals. A major managerial challenge is to build a productive team and also to effectively manage available human resources so that individuals function efficiently. Effective Financial Management and Project Management are essential to achieve project goals and objectives within the time and budget constraints.

Systematic training in this field ensures accountability while aligning the entire business with actionable and achievable goals and objectives. This involves setting and committing to new standards of performance with built-in contingencies for all situations.

Financial Management and Planning is often perceived as being relevant only to higher officers of finance department. This is not, or certainly should not be, the case. All the training programmes of Centre for Training in Financial Management (CTFM) are designed to inculcate the importance of Financial Management to help participants to understand basics of Financial Management and how Financial Policies and objectives are established and to enable them to contribute effectively within our organisation and in improving managerial effectiveness and performance at government level

As part of the career enhancement drive for the officers of Finance Department, Basic Financial Management training is proposed to be given to all officers of Finance Secretariat of and above the rank of Assistants. Accordingly, a Programme named Infrastructure Finance, which consists of three modules has been designed after detailed study taking into account of all the above mentioned factors. The first and basic module will be conducted at Centre for Training in Financial Management (CTFM)in seven full days. The second module will be conducted in academic collaboration with Centre for Management Development (CMD), Thiruvananthapuram in ten days. The third module, which is split into two phases of three and two days respectively, will be conducted at CTFM in academic collaboration with Indian Institute of Management – Kozhikode (IIM-K).

Methodology of the training programme would be participative in nature. The sessions would be based on conceptual deliberations, assignments, case studies, computer lab activities and group exercises/discussions.

Adding another feather to our cap, is the Induction Training Programme for the Indian Administrative Service (IAS) Officers, started during this year. The first batch was successfully completed during November 2017, which was greatly appreciated by the participants in course content, faculty and overall management of the programme. Nine Officers who were newly inducted to the IAS participated. The course covered topics of Government Accounting and Auditing, Financial Management of Government, Budgeting, Service Rules, over view of Plan Schemes, Administrative Jurisprudence, Conduct Rules and Disciplinary Procedures etc.

Special Skill Development

Major programme under this is the “Trainers’ Training Programme – ACHARYA”, which is aimed at the domain subject experts whose potential is to be utilized to the whole of Government by way of knowledge transfer. These experts will be moulded as the best resource persons and trainers through this three day residential programme

Refresher Programmes

Refresher programmes are being conducted in all domain specific subjects. After having completed a comprehensive training programme, periodic refresher programmes in short modules such as Service matters, Budgeting, Plan management, linguistics, Information Technology etc.

Official Language Programmes

We have been conducting regular programmes on official language Malayalam by eminent language experts and persons who had won Government awards in this field.Special Workshops, competitions etc are being conducted regularly.